Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Yesterdays ''Jutarnji List'', major Croatian daily, has published a front page article on the events in the Jewish Community, quoting amongst others, the Mufti of Croatia, mr. Sevko ef. Omerbasic, who expressed his support for the Rabbi and his work, saying ''Without Kotel Da-Don i wouldn't know anything about judaism.'' The bombastic headline says: ''JEWS ARE EXPELLING RABBI DA-DON FROM ZAGREB''.
This evening at 19.00 hours there is going to be a General Assembly meeting, first time in 12 years. We hope that the issue will be solved and the compromise found.
We would like to express our grattitude to all of you who supported us and sent us e-mails.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fundamentalism (be it Jewish, Islamic or Christian) poses without a doubt the most dangerous threat to international peace and security. Failure to obliterate fundamentalism will no doubt have severe repercussions for all of us. I strongly suggest that you read a book called The Battle for God by an authority on religious extremism Karen Armstrong.

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